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Archibald Hewland RAYMOND

Rank Reg/Ser No DOB Enlisted Discharge/Death Board
Captain 4/4/1893 21y4m 1914 3/3/17 KA 5

Archibald Hewland Raymond (1893-1917)               


Family Background 

Archie Raymond was born on 4 April 1893, son of Alfred John and Jessie Catherine Raymond née Shearer. Archie was one of nine children from this marriage and they had a step-brother from Mr Raymond’s first marriage. They lived at Clifton at Kangaroo Point, a large wooden house built by Mr Raymond, a timber merchant and builder. Two of the children died in infancy and another died of infantile paralysis. Mr Alfred Raymond was an Alderman for many years, involved in the planning of Brisbane’s new city hall to replace the Brisbane Town Hall then in Queen Street. He served as Mayor in 1912. In addition to his civic duties and his business, he was an active participant in the Congregational Church at Wharf Street where he was a Deacon. He also served as President of the Queensland Congregational Union.

Education & Enrolment in the AIF